Midge (wrongemgirlo) wrote,

Bold ones that apply. Change ones that don't so that they do.

01. I have a cell phone.
02. I have recently discovered that I love "Freaks and Geeks".
03. I'm the youngest child.
04. Someday I will be thinner.
05. I love my grandparents.
06. I love wearing sweaters.
07. I love theatre.
08. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias.. I don't care what you say.
09. I want to go to Louisiana this summer.
10. I can't live without oxygen.
11. I have freckles.
12. I spend money I have.
13. I'm thinking about moving to the East Coast.
14. I want food.
15. I get annoyed fairly easily.
16. I think therefore I am.
17. I like to go on the swings at the park.
18. I have more than a couple horrible memories.
19. I like my bedroom.
20. I am an Aquarius.
21. My first kiss was unexpected.
22. I will graduate from college in a few more years.
23. I dislike reading books.
24. I hate girls who are fake.
25. I can be mean hardly ever.
26. My dreams are bizarre.
27. I am nineteen years old.
28. I really really like airports.
29. I have a computer.
30. I have never grown my wisdom teeth, and I never will.
31. One day I will win an Oscar.. maybe.
32. Sometimes I cry for almost no reason.
33. I hate when people act rude for no reason other than to just feel superior.
34. I procrastinate.
35. I just realized I don't like filling this out.
36. I don't have a job.
37. I love to sleep.
38. I wish I was smarter.
39. I have a car.
40. I need to get my hair cut.
41. No one knows the full story of my life.
42. I love my eyes.
43. I sometimes fight with my parents.
44. I do not love the mall at all.
45. I had "Little Mermaid" bedsheets when I was a child.
46. I'm afraid of the future.
47. I can't get a date.
48. I can't wait till I go back to school.
49. I actually really like the early morning, though I am rarely awake during it.
50. I am increasingly ambivalent about my future.
51. I am starting to like changes.
52. I can be very insecure sometimes.
53. I have never had a broken bone.
54. I hate stupid people.
55. I love my glasses.
56. I love guitars, even though I don't play.
57. I find Ramen both repulsive and strangely appealing.
58. I try to be a more responsible person.
59. I have never gone skiing.
60. I love to sing. But only to myself.
61. I hate traffic.
62. I tend to be too passive.
63. I like to play Trivial Pursuit.
64. I want to paint my room.
65. I hate when I see animals getting hurt/abused.
66. I like to go bowling.
67. I don't like to study for tests.
68. I love Norman Rockwell paintings.
69. I am too nice.
70. I have a terrible sense of style.
71. I don't miss the obnoxious people from high school.
72. I vomited while talking on the phone with my old boyfriend.
73. I'm afraid of big bodies of water.
74. I want to visit New York.
75. I love the color black.
76. I don't wear shorts. Ever.
77. I am not addicted to drugs.
78. I'm going to take drawing 101 in the fall.
79. I'm afraid of going to the doctor.
80. I sort of like the feeling I get when I pluck my eyebrows.
81. I hate liars.
82. I like comfy pants.
83. Once I had a song written about me.
84. I love the smell of burning wood.
85. I love my family.
86. I like going to the movies alone.
87. I am a perfectionist... sometimes.
88. I always wanted to learn to play the drums.
89. I hate the feeling of failure.
90. I am a pushover.
91. I like learning useless facts.
92. I can be quite selfish.
93. I love happy hour at TGIFriday's.
94. I like mountains better than plains.
95. I can stay on the computer forever.
96. I love art.
97. I hope I get a good job when I graduate.
98. I love getting stuff in the mail.
99. I have problems saying no to people.
100.I hate being lonely. Not being alone. There is a difference.
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