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wrongemgirlo's Journal

6 February
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a variety of music, acting, airports, anaka, antiques, art, autumn, ben stiller, board games, bowling, card games, charlie, coldplay, conan o'brien, convenient stores, cracker barrel, creative writing, crystal, culture, daytime, depeche mode, diet pepsi, disneyland, dogs, drawing, dresses, edward norton, energy, ethan embry, express wok, falling leaves, family, fans, film making, fireflies, fireplaces, foreign films, frank sinatra, friends, ghost world, glasses, grandparents, granny sweaters, hands, hanging out, happiness, history, holidays, jazz hands, jessica, joaquin phoenix, john cusack, johnny depp, kissing, krispy kreme, laughter, le tigre, led zeppelin, lefties, life, life is beautiful, livejournal, madness, memories, milk, mobil, modest mouse, movie posters, movies, museums, music, musicals, myrtle beach, nature, no doubt, norman rockwell, old buildings, old photographs, oldies music, open-minded people, parks, patsy cline, pictures, plays, polkadots, pop art, potatoes, puppies, purses, radiohead, rain, road trips, roanoke, saturday night live, science fiction, sewing, sideburns, sisters, ska, smashing pumpkins, smell of burning wood, smiles, squirrels, star trek, stars, steel magnolias, swings, talkative old people, the attic, the beatles, the cars, the clash, the color brown, the color gray, the cranberries, the cure, the east coast, the edwardian era, the flaming lips, the food network, the grandin, the history channel, the pixies, the postal service, the robot, the scent of vanilla, the smell of coffee, the strip, theatre, thespians, thrift stores, tim burton, tina, transcendentalism, traveling, u2, v.a.s.t, violins, walks, watching grass grow, whose line, xelyna